Little Champions

Tennis Programs for the Youngest Generation

Learn, Grow, Get Stronger and Better!


The tennis program “Little Champions” was created with love to children and tennis. The program was founded by a former professional and NCAA Division I player – Nataliya Naumova. By having an exposure to professional and collegiate tennis as well as years of coaching experience, Nataliya understands the importance of developing correct technical and footwork skills from the young age. The goal of the program is to develop and master skills, which will serve to your child as a strong foundation and powerful assets on a tennis court during the entire tennis career. We are inspired to instill love of learning this beautiful game of tennis to your child!

Our tennis program currently runs at Manhattan locations on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, and in SoHo. The program is designed and specialized in teaching tennis to a younger generation, children of the ages of 3 to 9 years old. We offer group sessions as well as private lessons. The groups are arranged according to age and experience. In order to a child to get a proper attention, we keep the group classes to a 4:1 student coach ratio.

Nataliya Naumova


The tennis program “Little Champions” introduces the sport of tennis to the youngest tennis players. The USTA Quick Start format allows to learn tennis in an easy and a fun way! Using modified equipment to children’s size and age, kids will learn how to play tennis and compete in a both, enjoyable and rewarding way. Choose the program according to the age of your child and contact us to discuss.


This program is for the youngest students (3 to 5 years old). The Red program focuses on developing eye-hand coordination, balance, and muscle memory. The Little Champions will learn the basic elements of tennis through partner-based activities using red tennis balls as well as foam balls.


The Orange Program is for the students of the age between 6 to 7 years old. During this program children learn the fundamentals of tennis, techniques of the basic strokes, and tennis footwork. Through developing childrens’s athletic skills and muscle memory, we are transitioning to learning basic strategies and tactics for singles and doubles.


The Green program is for 7 to 9 years old kids who know the basics of tennis and/or able to rally on a tennis court. The young tennis players continue to refine the technical, tactical, and physical foundation established in earlier stages.

What People Are Saying

" My kids attend the group classes at Little Champions. My daughter and son are two years apart and I like how everything is structured for different ages and levels. The coaches are fun, friendly, and professional. My kids love their time with the Little Champions tennis program."
Emma R
"Nataliya is such a great coach! Definitely recommending to my friends because she really is helpful, informative, passionate about the sport and makes it such an enjoyable experience. I signed up my daughter for a one on one private tennis lesson and she absolutely loved it. Jenny is having a great time with Nataliya and waits for her next lessons right after the lesson is over."
Robert M
" While my son was taking a group lesson, I decided not to waste any time and play tennis myself. Nataliya is quite a perfectionist and will let you know where you'd need improvement. Her personality was outgoing and I'm going to be signing up for more lessons with her for myself and my son. She makes tennis very enjoyable, fun and easy."
Olivia S
"Coaches of the Little Champions teach kids in a fun, energetic, and efficient way. Private lessons are very detail-oriented and also enjoyable. Group classes are scheduled in a kid's friendly and time and run with the punctual manner"
Kim K